A congressperson who defends honor killings

Rashida Tlaib was just elected to the US Congress to the great glee of progressives. Indeed, by all accounts her politics are progressive. For example according to her campaign blurb, “in the Michigan Legislature … she secured millions of dollars for seniors and education and authored laws to protect homeowners and stop scrap metal thieves … Rashida took on the Koch brothers and forced them to remove pollutants from Detroit’s riverfront and fought back against Matty Moroun and forced his company to follow the law and stop polluting the community.[1]
Moreover “Tlaib is calling for Medicare-for-all, a $15 an hour minimum wage, the abolition of ICE, free university tuition and new leadership for the Democratic Party.” This enabled “her election in a predominately non-Muslim district”. She says, “In the 13th district I’m not known as, ‘oh, that’s the Muslim girl’ or ‘oh that’s the Palestinian’ or ‘that’s the Arab’,” she says, adding that people are more likely to know her for taking on the Koch brothers.”[2]
So far, so good. But what is her stance on reactionary Muslim customs, like honor killings, for example? Here her record is not as progressive as one might wish.
In 2012 a Muslim girl, Jessica Mokdad, was murdered by her stepfather in Rashida Tlaib’s area. The evidence produced at trial clearly indicated that it had been an honor killing. Nonetheless the Muslim establishment, led by the Muslim Brotherhood ofshoot CAIR, flatly denied that it had been an honor killing.
“Maya Berry, executive director of the Arab American Institute, [denied it was an honor killing and said] ‘They are exploiting the tragedy of a young Arab American girl to promote a bigoted agenda,’ she said. ‘It is shameful.’”[3]
“The Arab American Institute announced that they will host a community town hall on Islamophobia at 1 p.m. on Sunday with a slew of local and national speakers … [in order to counteract] … the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference … Hosted by political commentators and outspoken critics of Islam Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, the conference aims to expose what they claim is blatant evidence of the persecution of women in the Muslim faith.”
Among the participants listed was “state Rep. Rashida Tlaib”.
Evidence of honor killing
According to the Daily Tribune’s trial coverage, “As Mokdad matured and tried to gain independence, Alfetlawi became obsessive and controlling over her. His behavior progressed to homicide when he learned that Mokdad told her mother the day before her death that Alfetlawi had raped her about two years before. …
“On March 26, 2011, Alfetlawi abducted and forced Mokdad to return to Minnesota. She remained there for about eight days, during which constant monitoring continued.”[4]
“Darwin Jiles, a close friend of Jessica, has said this: “Jessica was someone who wanted to have liberties, like every other young lady that is born in America outside of the traditions of Islam are able to do, to pursue her own happiness and to pursue her own dreams.” Jessica would wear [the Islamic headcovering, the hijab] it when she was with her family, and when she wasn’t with her family, she let it be very known that she didn’t want to wear it, that she did not want to be a part of this forced Islamic religion. She was very clear with that to me.”[5]
But according to Daily Tribune story, the mother denied it was an honor killing, because “religion was only a tiny factor in the case. Her husband didn’t attend mosque regularly.”[6]
The pretexts of the Islamophiliate are always pointed in the same direction, to absolve Islam from any blame for any crime.[7] In the words of Robert Spencer, “these groups are playing the usual Islamic supremacist Orwellian game, claiming to represent human rights and freedom and demonizing us as hatemongers, when in reality, by doing so, and by ignoring and denying the Islamic justifications for honor killing, they are running interference for the practice, and making sure that more girls will be honor-killed in the United States in the future.”[8]
Nonetheless Wendy Wasinski, Jessica’s mother, later retracted her statement after she apostatized from Islam and wrote to Pamela Geller “that Jessica’s stepfather, Rahim Alfetlawi, who murdered Jessica, ‘wanted us to pray and learn to fast’ … Wendy recalled Alfetlawi’s attitude toward Jessica: ‘He would yell at her a lot…it was mental abuse. He was a mental abuser, big time. He would just play all these head and mind games.’”[9]
Honor killing definition wiki
“An honor killing or shame killing is the murder of a member of a family, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, engaging in non-heterosexual relations or renouncing a faith.”[10]
The overall description of Jessica’s ordeal and eventual murder by her father bears an extraordinary resemblance to Wikipedia’s definition of honor killing. Moreover according to the definition, there is no need for the perp to be deeply religious or attend mosque regularly for it to be an honor killing.
CAIR’s counter-event, attended by our brand-new congressperson Rashida Tlaib, completely ignored Jessica’s murder, since it claimed that Jessica’s murder was merely a specious pretext for persecuting the American Muslim community, excuse me, the Muslim American community. However at trial it had been clearly revealed that the crime had several traits that are typical of honor killings. So if it wasn’t an honor killing, the very least CAIR and its accomplices could do was explain WHY it wasn’t an honor killing. But they signally failed to do that.
So CAIR’s denial of an honor killing in this clearly entails flatly denying facts established at the murder trial. In other words CAIR disputes the jury verdict, the outcome of the trial. If that is the case, that might have been grounds for an appeal. But there was no appeal.
This nonchalant attitude toward American law suggests that CAIR may have some replacement law up their sleeves, and perhaps even that they are itching to whip it out. As a matter of fact on the few occasions when CAIR admits to the existence of honor killings, it calls them by the euphemism “domestic violence.”
In Rashida Tlaib’s ancestral homeland Palestine, feminists struggle valiantly against honor killings.[11]
“In an interview with Gulf News, Rawdah Baseer, an activist of the Palestinian Feminist Movement and head of the Palestinian Women’s Studies Centre,” said: ‘An average of 12 women are killed annually in the Palestinian Territories on honour grounds,’ … ‘Men are taking advantage of the law … A man who kills a relative is either pardoned, given a suspended sentence or six months to three years imprisonment which is reduced further once appealed, she said. However, when a woman murders her unfaithful husband, she is given a minimum of 15 years imprisonment. This is not acceptable any more,’ she said.

“The Palestinian courts do not even investigate the women’s cases, and once the accused men claim they had acted on honour grounds, their claims are approved and sentenced accordingly,” she said. “This is unfair.”

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[7] I encountered a similar case some months ago. After an ISIS admirer killed several pedestrians in New York City, an Islamophile professor of Modern Middle Eastern History at UCLA reassured his readers in The Conversation that the killer was not a devout Muslim, because he arrived late at prayers, despite the fact that he wore an enormous hate beard.
“Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect in the attack, isn’t a devout Muslim. He cursed and came late to prayers, according to acquaintances who talked to The New York Times. So why would he want to be a martyr?”
What draws ‘lone wolves’ to the Islamic State? By James L. Gelvin, The Conversation, November 1, 2017
Another case commented by Mateen Elass:
“On 14 August 2018, a Sudanese-born Muslim named Salih Khater rammed his Ford Fiesta into cyclists and pedestrians on a London street. … Friends, family and the local Muslim community in Birmingham are shocked by the news that the Salih they know could be a terrorist. They refuse to believe it, offering explanations like, “It must have been an accident;” “He was spooked by ambulance lights behind him and panicked;” “He’s a good guy, a normal guy, a stable person;” “So polite, a decent chap;” and the kicker: “There is no sign that he had been radicalised (sic). He was not a fervent worshipper…; he was not deeply religious.”
… for the Muslim community at large signs of deep religiosity and fervency in mosque attendance are red flag indicating a fellow Muslim may be on the road to extremism and terrorism.
Muslims themselves understand that the more committed a Muslim becomes to the core teachings of Allah and his prophet, the more likely that individual is to be drawn to the use of violence and persecution of “the enemies of Allah.” Salih’s Muslim family and friends can’t believe he could be guilty of terrorism because in their opinion he’s not that committed to Islam!

By their very defenses, Salih Khater’s Muslim supporters indict Islam as a religion. Fortunately, most Muslims ignore the militant, misanthropic calls … He couldn’t be a true jihadi because he was not truly devoted to Islam. What a sad defense! In seeking to get Salih off the hook, the Muslim community condemns true Islam as a religion which preaches and expects violence and conquest.”
Not Religious Enough to Be a Terrorist? by Mateen Elass, August 17, 2018
[8] AAI’s Zogby, Hamas-linked CAIR, Islamic supremacists to hold …, ibid.
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[11] Palestinian women await scrapping of honour killing, by Nasouh Nazzal, Gulf News (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), February 14, 2012

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